Delprojekt 1 BAT 2012 Best Available technique

Olof Björkqvist, Mittuniversitetet

Jonas Jonsson, Holmen
Christer Sandberg, Holmen
Olof Ferritsius, Mittuniversitetet
Per Engstrand, Mittuniversitetet
Rita Ferritsius, Mittuniversitetet
Patrik Axelsson, Norske Skog
Kjell-Arve Kure, Norske Skog
Lars Johansson, PFI
Kathrin Mörseburg, PFI
Roland Bäck, SCA
Hans Ersson, Stora Enso
Carl-Henrik Ljungqvist, Stora Enso
Tom Karlsson, ÅF Industry AB
Hans Norrström, ÅF Industry AB
Tomas Söderlund, ÅF Industry AB
Lars Widell, ÅF Industry AB

The objective of the project is to create reference/baseline data sets to make it possible to measure energy efficiency improvements to specified functional pulp and paper properties achieved in the different individual projects in the project portfolio within the industry initiative energy efficient mechanical pulping research program.

Traditional benchmarking studies normally only include a very brief sampling and testing structure, which is not enough when the goal is set as high as in this industry initiative. Therefore the test procedures included in this project suggestion is designed to as far as possible make sure that results from different suggestions to energy efficiency improvements can be tested with very high degree of accuracy also when it comes to the functional properties of the pulps.

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